Northshore specialty surfaces epoxy flooring, garage flooring, patios

Epoxy Countertops and Table Refinishing

Perfect for bars, counters, tables, or even art! We can transform an existing surface or finish off your own personal project with a tough as nails topcoat.

Exterior Concrete Decorative Resurfacing northshore specialty surfaces

Exterior Concrete Decorative Resurfacing

One of the most popular services we provide is resurfacing of existing concrete. Many times clients have a structurally sound concrete area that just needs a facelift or new look to meet changing interior or exterior décor. This is the perfect answer for patios, porches, sidewalks, and recreational areas where surface damage has occurred or an updated look is desired.

before-after Surface Prep services northshore specialty surfaces

Surface Prep Services

Diamond grinding and concrete repair services are available for those of you wanting to apply your own finish but don’t have the means to do the messy work. From self-leveling underlayment to moisture transmission testing, to complete floor prep services we can help you get your project started.

Designer Interior Epoxy flooring northshore specialty surfaces

Designer Interior Epoxy Flooring

 Epoxy floors are fast becoming one of the most sought after concrete floor coatings in the country!  From residential living areas to high-end retail and commercial applications these attention-grabbing floors are high performance, low maintenance, completely custom, and competitively priced.

Garage and Commercial floor coatings northshore specialty surfaces

Garage Floors and Commercial Floor Coatings

Every floor is diamond ground prior to application to provide for the best product adhesion. Cracks, damage, spalling, and expansion joints are repaired and addressed prior to application of coatings. We then coat the floor with premium quality epoxy or polyaspartic resins as part of a 4 to 6 layer process including tinted resin with premium color flakes or crushed quartz aggregate. Each coating system is topped with a crystal clear polyaspartic top coat for years of reliable performance.