Flooring Trends: A Grey Area

Flooring Trends: A Grey Area

Flooring Trends: A Grey Area

If you’ve read our blog post on the 4 Flooring Trends of 2019, you’ll know that flooring materials are becoming more daring, diverse and downright spectacular!

Whilst variation in terms of materials is on the rise, there seems to have been a dramatic uplift in the use of one particular colour.

No matter where you look, it seems that grey is taking over. From residential spaces with plush grey carpets, rugs, sofas and accessories to commercial spaces utilising urban silvery-grey hues– we can’t seem to escape the 50 shades!

But why is this colour so popular? Let’s take a look.

Contemporary Colours

There is something about the simplicity of grey that lends itself well to added decorative elements. Take this mall for example.

The mall utilised a mix of grey tones and crisp white flooring

Glittering, decorative additives were incorporated into the flooring of the Johor Bahru’s R&F mall, generating an air of luxury and modernism in the large space.

Shimmering terrazzo was used

The sweeping pattern created using grey tones over the white backdrop is a contemporary design element that we are seeing in the construction industry more and more. The curved pattern reflects the architecture of the building, and more specifically the curve of the shopping centre walls.

The curved pattern of the terrazzo mirrors the curves in the mall walls

Contrasting and Complimentary

When it comes to using two or more shades of coloured flooring, you can count on grey to provide just enough contrast whilst remaining extremely complimentary.

Cool grey tones are used to a similar effect inside the offices

Here, not only do the three shades of grey compliment each other, but the interior floor design also compliments the exterior stone carpet system, which was also installed in two contrasting shades.

Warm tones of stone carpet are used in contrast outside the Nordic European Centre offices in Singapore

We can’t help but feel that whilst the stone carpet system reflects the heat of the Malaysian climate, reinforced by the need for this system to have UV resistance, the cool grey tones of the sparkling epoxy resin floor system inside replicate shade and well needed solace from the sun.   

Whilst grey does lend itself to flexible and decorative design elements, it can also be used in its most regular form to great effect.

Industrial Aesthetics

This open access print studio based in the UK successfully created a great urban aesthetic by combining exposed brick walls with an industrial-looking grey resin flooring system.

Edinburgh Printmakers created a clean and crisp production space

Alongside this industrial aesthetic, the various flooring solutions used around this printing facility incorporated exceptional chemical and mechanical resistance properties, especially in the production areas, as well as an anti-slip profile in the studios, corridors and back of house zones.

Grey flooring and exposed brick gives an industrial visual to this space

The cool, industrial aesthetic that grey flooring lends itself to makes it an easy winner for industrial spaces, and this food production, packaging and processing facility in Durban clearly agreed.

The flooring into Refco’s food production facility looks clean and fresh

A self-smoothing antibacterial polyurethane system was used in this South African food production facility thanks to its seamless nature and ability to withstand cold temperatures.

Concealed advantages include chemical and mechanical resistance

The light grey flooring looks crisp, clean and is sure to highlight dropped or spilled produce very quickly – meaning that it can be quickly cleaned before causing an accident.

With this trend spreading from residential to commercial and industrial spaces, we can see it staying around for the long haul!

What are your thoughts?

Stephanie Samuel

Stephanie Samuel is the Digital Brand Ambassador at the global resin flooring manufacturer Flowcrete Group Ltd. Steph’s role includes social media marketing, online brand advocacy and managing the allthingsflooring.com blog.

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