Automotive Series Part 3: Retail to Racetrack

Automotive Series Part 3: Retail to Racetrack

Automotive Series Part 3: Retail to Racetrack

There are few things that can beat the thrill of buying a new car, from learning all about the tech specs to the test drive. Being able to experience the car in motion is integral to the buying process, as it is hard to know what a car will feel like without witnessing it in motion. Showcasing new cars in action is a great sales tool, and offers a more intense sense of excitement than seeing cars in glossy brochures or showrooms.

This idea of seeing cars in action was adopted by Volkswagen, who, in 2015 worked with Flowcrete China to create a bespoke indoor racetrack for the launch of the brand new Audi TT. This track had to be able to withstand several Audi’s traveling at 60km/h and also play host to a complex light display, videos and graphics that were projected onto the track itself during the show.

Bespoke Audi TT racetrack with light display

A natural stone carpet was used for the racetrack, and was applied at an average gradient of 60°. Getting the aggregate mix right, and laying from the bottom up was the answer to a tricky, almost vertical application process.

Bespoke Audi Racetrack installation at a 60° gradient

With 12 hour days working in the boiling Beijing climate, the project was completed in 10 days, and met Volkswagen’s high standards. The colourful natural stones in clear epoxy resin delivered the ideal attractive yet durable and slip resistant surface, resembling the road over a retail environment. The neutral colour of the stone carpet was also extremely accommodating of the light show, providing a clean canvas for all visuals.

Not all car manufacturers have the ability to create a bespoke racetrack for each spectacle, but creating a highly visual podium is much more doable. BAC, the British manufacturing company behind the Mono road legal super car requested a tailor-made display stand to exhibit its super car on at trade events.

BAC Mono Portable Display Stand for Supercar

This stand was created using Rustik Glamourstone, made from colourful pieces of marble encapsulated in a clear resin. This solution is not only slip resistant and durable, but adds a touch of glamour that reflects the functionality and aesthetics of the super car itself.

Utilising racetracks or decorative tailor-made displays over more traditional retail environments can massively enhance the excitement of buying a new motor. Join us for our final leg of the journey next week, where we move from spectacles to spaces.

Stephanie Samuel

Stephanie Samuel is the Digital Brand Ambassador at the global resin flooring manufacturer Flowcrete Group Ltd. Steph’s role includes social media marketing, online brand advocacy and managing the blog.

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