London’s Leicester Square Kitchen Set to Dazzle

London's Leicester Square Kitchen Set to Dazzle

The dappled appearance of this particular Terrazzo adds just the right amount of glitz and glamour to the stylish venue in the UK capital, with the locally sourced British marble aggregates catching the light, echoing the luxurious venue.

Whereas large stores like IKEA have to take heavy foot-fall, wheeled equipment and impacts from heavy items into account, this new London eatery has used Terrazzo to distinguish the central bar area and walk ways from the main restaurant area to its customers in a clean neutral colour.

Terrazzo surrounding the main bar to distinguish from the dining areas.

As well as a fresh aesthetic, the seamless resin provides an easy surface to clean – after all there’s no use crying over spilt cocktails!  Seamless, level flooring also provides customers and staff with a safe space to move around in.

Seamless flooring creating a safe space for customers and staff

A speedy installation was fundamental here, so that other trades could access the site the following day and complete the interior ready for the restaurant to welcome customers. This rapid application was possible thanks to the unique formulation of the chosen resin terrazzo system Mondéco Rapide, which has an innovative fast curing property.

Completion of the interior, ready to welcome customers

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